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Moodle Learning Management System

Page history last edited by Ryan Harper 12 years, 3 months ago

Moodle is one of the free e-learning software. There are many features on Moodle:

  • Activities

  • Resource types

  • Question types

  • Data field types

  • Graphical themes

  • Authentication methods

  • Enrollment methods

  • Content Filters

Moreover, from your experience by making your own account you can use it for many things like:

  • Meet other people on Course categories and share them in different topics.


  • You can post anything you need help on it or you need to get idea or even comment.
  • On the blogs tag you can see on the right many blogs tags you can enter to it and see many topics you can look at.

Also, Moodle is like any e-learning site or software, but you’ll like about it is the potion if you want to blog. First, you can make your blogs look as simple site or look as comment with an attachment up to 500kb. With that blogs you can make the tags as conference, Moodle, newsletter, or as you like.


It is the first time I use software like this and I feel that Moodle is easy to use, sharing idea with other, and many thing and that free!





Usability ---------------------- 4

Multi-language options ---- 5

Collaboration tools --------- 4



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